The wealthy enjoy in enterprise and ardour of our customers have helped us to attain at the very best stage of achievement with the quality in magnificence offerings for our esteemed clients

Managing Workers

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The achievement of DPML owes plenty to tremendous mind-set and backbone of our customers, which keeps to take the group to a extra heights and achievements. Their systematic method and wide-ranging imaginative and prescient has in addition brought to the boom with sustainability.


Being a person of integrity, sharp enterprise values, green administrative manoeuvre and coherent management skills, Shri Dev has been the spine in the back of the achievement of the enterprise. Having a defence history as an Airman with the Indian Air Force, he has regulated the operating of the employer withinside the maximum systematic manner that has in addition brought to the general efficacy of the employer. He, thru his tough paintings and wide imaginative and prescient, has converted the Logistics and Household items region of India into one of the foremost developing industries of the country. Not simplest he has converted this region right into a full-scaled enterprise, however additionally has given it a number of the maximum superior and powerful developments. He advanced the 0.33 celebration-logistics (3PL) and fourth-celebration logistics (4PL) offerings by means of doing an in depth take a look at into the Logistics region of India. He additionally added superior packing and shifting technology alongside with, ‘Trucking Cube’ and ‘LED Box’ which have been applauded withinside the marketplace. He excelled withinside the artwork of integration and thru it, he has given the marketplace an ultra-present day manifestation of infrastructure, warehousing and roofing answers etc. He believes that “Drivers play a main function withinside the boom of Indian economy”. When he noticed that because of loss of sleep, drivers turn out to be sufferers of injuries and misplaced their life, he initiated toward the protection and safety of drivers by means of launching APM Driver Seva Kendra at Dudu, Jaipur to offer them a secured environmental campus with all primary centers and care with respect.

He has labored for the boom and welfare of the Transport region and works close to the complimentary courting between ‘Transport Development’ and ordinary improvement of the nation. As part of his GOI delegation, Shri Dev has made a couple of visits foreign places and has used his take a look at from visits for in addition improvement of Logistics in India. He has given a brand new notion to the improvement of this region by using his articles in numerous legitimate magazines, journals and additionally thru his media interviews and lectures in numerous seminars. He brings in a brand new outlook withinside the location of consumer courting thereby giving an part to the enterprise.

His accomplishments consist of his club as a jury at many award ceremonies along with CEAT India Road Transportation Awards. If we speak approximately his achievements, the listing is endless. He has given an worldwide popularity to the Indian delivery region in International Road Union. He has additionally been elected because the National President for All India Transport Welfare Association (AITWA).

Along with having an analytical and transformational method to enterprise improvement, Shri Dev additionally possesses a tremendous mind-set which has been one of the foremost motives in the back of the remaining escalation of enterprise. His standards of diligence and backbone maintain to take the group to extra heights withinside the ladder of organisational achievement. Not simplest this, he additionally excels withinside the social, instructional and non secular activities.